Building Leaders

Building Leaders for the Future of Workplace

Building Leaders

Building Leadership for the Future by combining modern ancient wisdom, modern techniques and scientific methods.

At Mindwize, we leverage the power of Neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness & leadership principles to develop leadership attributes that make an impact realtime.

By encouraging a Coaching Culture, we enable Leaders to view their roles in the context of all the tools at their disposal – personal, structural, systemic, behavioural & cultural – and equip them to choose mindfully, the best combination that serves in their dynamic scenarios.

Our programs are designed to enable the leaders of tomorrow to lead holistically. We embody a futuristic approach to carry forward a lineage of Leaders that can absorb the purpose and impact of the business and pave the way for generations to come.

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Your transformation made Simple- Mindfully

Foundations: This is an introductory program about the world of coaching. Coaching is a skill anyone can learn and one that can be improved over time.
Businesses are moving at fast speed, with frequent job shifts, and limited in-house training, professionals of all levels struggle with change. Organizations are in need of leaders who can guide their contemporaries through workplace challenges, help improve performance, and lead them through business challenges.

First Time Managers Advanced: This program offers an immersive transformative journey where your firs-time mangers wear their Leader Hats by acquiring skills that help to manage their time, and lead others to achieving collaborative team goals.

Coaching Skills for Managers: Managers are loaded with a lot of responsibilities and work at any given day. At the same they have a team that is dependent on them for various things. So where does the Manager stop controlling and start collaborating, where does he step back and identify where the team needs them? This course helps you Coach better than just robotically managing your team.

Manager – Leader Step Up: This program is a guide for Managers to separate themselves from the day-to-day work responsibilities and think like a Leader. A mind-shift change is required to identify the basic difference between a manager and leader and to embody that required change to be able to think, feel and act like the Leader their Team need them to be. We equip you to delve deep into the emotion of stepping up as that Leader.

Advance Coaching skills for Managers: This is an advance course where we help Managers peel the layers of coaching deeper. Building a relationship that’s more profound than just professional exchange with not only their subordinates and peers but also with their seniors. To build values and goals that tie intricately with organizational, individual and team goals all alike.

Breaking the Inner Glass Ceiling: Women Leadership: This is the program we take pride in showcasing. In the past we’ve seen women surpass the gamut of professional potential that was just limited to one gender. Here we address in detail the minutest of gender-specific road-blocks and the scope of growth and

Leading Assertively: Leaders more than anyone have be adept in handling all emotions – of their superiors, peers and subordinates. However, tending to all their emotional demands and staying loyal to organizational goals and strategies can be exhausting. This program is designed to equip leaders with the tools and tricks to empathetically be assertive and bold in their decision-making and hence communication, helping them stand strong in the messiest of situations.

Leadership for Hi-PO Talent: considering the ever-changing environment we conduct ourselves in, Organizations are wise to build a strong and steady Leadership Pipeline. Added responsibility that comes along with preparing an army of future leaders is also to equip them with the right set of Leadership values. This program packs all the leadership tools, behaviors and traits that helps your HI-PO Talent adorn the Leadership Hat for when the time comes.